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Four Phases To Dramatically IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

The Mind Method audio recordings are a synergistic blend of voice and music designed to help you eliminate negative self-talk, explore beyond your current situation and move you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Faster Decision-Making
  • More Confidence
  • Improved Focus
  • Increased Creativity
  • More Happiness
Have you often had a great insight, set lofty goals followed by a momentous start but found yourself slipping back into old ways and familiar comfort zones?

Your mind may slip into habitual patterns of thinking without you realizing it and the trend of those patterns will determine your overall frame of mind. Your thoughts influence the actions you take, and they guide the way you communicate with others.

When you’re feeling miserable, your mind is almost certainly focused on what you are unhappy about. Although you are still capable of creating in this state, you’re likely not aligning your thoughts with your purpose and you may be either procrastinating on the steps that will move you forward, or you may be creating interferences in your relationships, both personally and professionally.

Remember the times when you felt fully alive and vibrant? Ask yourself: what images were in your mind? What meanings did you assign to those images? What were you saying to yourself? Whether you’re thinking about the past, present or future, what you’re focused on influences you in many ways. There are people who are successful, but unhappy; and there are those who generally feel good yet personal achievements seem elusive to them.

When we align our thoughts and emotions with our life purpose, we are able to experience life in a new way. Mastering your thoughts allows you to choose what to focus your intentions on, and keeps you moving in the direction of your desired outcomes.

Most people want to experience joy, happiness, success and love, but for some elusive reason, some or all of those outcomes slip away. The Mind Method guides your thinking to continue in the direction of your dreams and desires. The more often you listen, the more you can create new thought patterns and pathways in your mind.

The most valuable things in life were given to you for free: your body, your mind, your emotions, your dreams, your relationships, and the essence of who you are. Take care of these precious gifts. Allow your mind to focus on what you truly want to create in your life. The possibilities are endless…

The Mind Method

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The Mind Method was recently featured in an International Publication.

Susan Shaw’s article “Master Your Thinking – 5 Insights Into Creating Permanent Change” discusses the secrets to unlocking the power of your subconscious mind. If you’re serious about making change this is a must read for you.

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The Process: Cultivating The Garden Of Your Mind

Abraham Lincoln stated: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

There are powerful forces at play keeping you in your comfort zone…why is that? You want more from life, but why is it so hard to get it? As much as you want things to change, is there a part of you that wants safety? Change may threaten that, so now the question becomes…how do you safely move to new levels?

The solutions are found in these Four Phases:


PHASE ONE is all about you, your thoughts, your patterns – if you’re struggling to get what you want, you’ll discover why.

Reveal limiting thought patterns that are holding you back – just 4 days of listening & journaling, focusing on you, your thoughts, your patterns – you’ll find out if there are any weeds choking out your potential and you’ll learn 3 key elements that successful people use to dramatically improve their lives.


In PHASE TWO you’ll learn that it has nothing to do with you; designing your life is about letting go of pain and frustration and focusing instead on the outcome you desire.

You’ll learn how the basis of designing your life is not even about you, but is based on specific principles of thinking in a certain way, and includes one powerful insight that can eliminate negative self-talk instantly – just 2 days of easy listening.


PHASE THREE is your Goal Map to Success – drop your bad habits and pick up the success routines

A series of exercises help you customize you own Goal Map.  Vividly imagine your outcomes achieved, and powerfully focus your attention on productive activities to achieve your desired outcomes.  Concentrate your efforts on accepting the certainty of attaining your goals.


PHASE FOUR – your old self-sabotaging ways can take time to cultivate. Take action in the direction of your goals with the guiding force of inspiring music and subtle suggestions.

Advance your own ideas with breakthrough technology; customize and personalize your own Mind Method designed for repetitive listening long term, so you can relax and allow your subconscious mind to hear your own life choices over and over again, until you manifest the changes in your life.

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How It Works

Your subconscious beliefs and values powerfully influence your decisions.  How can you get in there and tinker with your thoughts so that you can create the results you desire and produce sustainable success?  The Mind Method guides you in the mindset of having already achieved your outcome – you can listen over and over until you manifest it in your life.

More than fifteen years of research has revealed five insights as to how it works.

Constant repetition is important to making changes easy. One single new thought is just not enough for most people to make lasting changes in their ability to realize their goals. Research has shown that listening to a voice recording of your intentions, combined with specific music soundtracks, can improve the time it takes to change habits.
2. The second insight is the discovery that greater results are achieved when the voice you are listening to is (surprisingly) not your own.

3. Extensive research in performance enhancement shows that creating an atmosphere of relaxed contemplation is key. Adding the right music powerfully awakens dopamine and serotonin pathways in the limbic system, while simultaneously activating the frontal and occipital lobes with imagery. The concept of neuroplasticity suggests this is exactly how performance can be enhanced without even practicing your specific event.

4. Generic messages and other people’s goals are not as effective for you as your own. Customization is paramount.

5. Interestingly, music can be a double-edged sword. We should be careful about the music we choose while attempting to establish new thought structures. Music plays a powerful role on the chords of our neurology. Music that has previous memories and connections attached to it may actually hinder your ability to generate new visions and strategies for the future.

Advances in leading edge technology have made it possible for you to transform your thoughts to attain your highest aspirations and deepest desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

The audio is designed to bring you to the mindset of having achieved already so that you can get in touch with your goal/desired outcome…feel what it feels like…and see it from the perspective of having already accomplished it. Once your headphones are out and you’re back in the “real world” of course you’re going to be in reality as it actually is…this contrast between what you want and where you are in relation to where you want to be is what gives you the drive and energy to get “back” to the state you were in when you were listening…it is your own inspiration that influences your actions to bring you to your goal…


This is very common, and often happens when the “voice” or message doesn’t match the way you think and/or the tone you usually use when you talk to yourself. Your self-talk represents your current comfort zone and has been developed over time, so listening to a new way of thinking can be confusing at first. Just continue to listen to your audio, and let your mind wander. Most people describe “walls coming down” or a feeling of “opening up” after listening over and over. Remember you are where you are in life often because of your beliefs and comfort zones. As you expand your thinking, your options increase and you become aware of your beliefs…this gives you the opportunity to choose the ones that are the most resourceful and will support you on your journey to your desired outcome.


How often you listen is totally up to you, and is based on your own personal preference. Most people will listen often at first, sometimes several times in a row, or one time, several times throughout the day. It is important to listen at least once or twice daily, especially at first. Athletes will often listen 4-5 times before competing.


  • Resistance is gone or lessened
  • You are naturally following through on the high growth activities
  • You are getting what you want
  • You feel peace of mind
  • Your thoughts and emotions are aligning with your vision/purpose
The Mind Method is specifically designed to be experienced with stereo headphones, however, any audio source such as your automobile or home stereo will work.

Listener Success Stories

It’s now been a little over 3 weeks since we have been using The Mind Method. We listen 3-4 times a day to Bootstrapping for Success & World-Class Teambuilding, and we have both found ourselves changing our routines and the way we speak. Also people seem to be coming to us about the business, so we are attracting new people, which will grow our business.

We both share a new outlook now which provides strength. We have noticed differences and it is working GREAT. Others have noticed the changes in us!

Thank you for an awesome product. We are building our Dream Team!

David & Louann


I have been listening every single day to my Biz Pro mind method and it has given me a totally new perspective on how to reach my dreams.  Lee N
Wow. Wow. I have been in the personal development business for years and never have I had such an uplifting product!! The Mind Method rocks. Big time.  Dave J
My Business Professional Mind Method brought me out of my slump in two days! Literally changed my life. Thank you to the Oui Believe Team. Jay V
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My Mind Method has turned around my negative thinking and brought so much joy into my life. I appreciate things more. My business has taken off in just three weeks! This is amazing. I love it;) Stacey F
What an amazing experience. The words are so meaningful…I wish I could express how profoundly peaceful I feel while listening to my mind method. This is truly a breakthrough of magnificent brilliance! Greg L

About Us

Business Focus

Every day, we love finding new ways to inspire you by helping you define your vision and achieve your business goals. It’s what we’ve been doing since developing business models for many industries, including communications companies, sports facilities, restaurants, fitness clubs, spas, specialized training facilities & marketing companies, from large franchise corporations to small start-up businesses.

We will support you. We will guide you.

We know what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and business professional. We know what it feels like: balancing family life, dealing with economic downturn, overcoming obstacles, handling setbacks…we know because we have faced the reality of building a business every single day, and we understand how easy it is to get caught up in the problems, but our experience has taught us to look past the hurdles and focus on the finish line. We’ve done it and we will show you how to do it.

We specialize in focusing on the one resource that will build your success faster and more effectively than any other – your mind. The Mind Method is a unique tool designed to focus your intentions and keep you moving in the direction of your desired outcomes.

Oui Believe is focused on helping businesses around the world fulfill their visions of success. We will invent the best tools to help you achieve your company mission, and we have made a commitment to continually evolve those tools so that you can sustain your success and enjoy the benefits of your achievements.

Our mission is to inspire you, and we love doing just that.

Personal Focus

Every day, we love finding new ways to inpsire you in the hopes of making the world a little bit better, by helping you to achieve your dreams. We love sharing our experiences with you on your journey, whether you’re trying to balance raising a family, starting a business, dealing with economic downturn, fighting obstacles, negative self talk, wanting to give up…dealing with disappointment in relationships, personal and business, we’ve been there in the best and worst of times and as we’ve come through it all, it is clear that The Mind Method is something you will benefit from and grow through, so you can experience the passion and success you desire. Our goal is to help you get crystal clear about what you want to create and show you how to stay on your path by aligning your thoughts with your purpose.


We love inspiring you. We help you define your vision of success, and reveal the best strategies for illuminating the path to unlock your potential.
We are creating a global venture, inventing and delivering tools that inspire you to define your vision and achieve what matters most to you, whether it’s your business goals or personal dreams.

We specialize in focusing on the one resource that will build your success faster and more effectively than any other – your mind.

The Oui Believe Team

Susan ShawCo-Founder
Susan Shaw is an author, graduate of the University of Western Ontario, founder and president of Oui Believe Corporate Training Services, Inc. She has worked as a business and personal consultant since 1996 and has lectured internationally on the topics of wellness, and professional achievement. She has consulted with small and large organizations across many disciplines, from large franchise operations to start-up companies, and has lead companies to rapid expansion; Susan has facilitated the amalgamation of large organizations through building unified teams of top management, and has extensive experience with leadership development, culture building, employee performance and creating programs and systems for improved profitability.
Chad EveraertCo-Founder
As the child of rock and roll guitarist and a classically trained pianist, Chad Everaert was born with music in his blood. Growing up in such a diverse household, he has developed a lifelong appreciation of all forms of music and developed skills on several musical instruments. Always looking to expand his knowledge, he branched out into visual media creation and is an accomplished graphic designer and videographer. Chad brings with him more than 20 years of experience working as an independent music producer, songwriter, recording engineer and visual media creator.
John E. BrownCo-Founder
John brings more than 30 years of sales, marketing, and operational leadership with a proven track record of execution, having served in executive roles for private and publicly traded companies. John has been involved in the formation of several entrepreneurial ventures and brings strong leadership and dedication as Chief Business Development Officer at Oui Believe Inc.

John is actively involved in coaching and playing many sports and has a special interest in health and wellness activities.

Cham TanhCo-Founder
Cham Tanh has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry architecting and building enterprise software solutions for companies around the world. Cham has played senior leadership roles in several technology start-ups and has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver solutions that are embraced by end-users. Cham is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Oui Believe Inc., with responsibilities for software development and services delivery.

Cham is keenly interested in the health and wellness fields and is an active participant in many sports and health activities.

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